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Our construction management company works with all state licensed contractors that warranties all their labour for up to 10 years. Any material is excluded! Our onsite management does a thorough inspection of all worked performed throughout the construction.

Our construction management fees vary from one project to another. The total fee depends on the size of the construction project and its complexity but usually is 20%. Our fees are usually calculated on a weekly basis and payment schedules are given based on work performed. 10% is taken upfront for managing the project. The second payment of 10% is to be made at completion.

Property Management fees can vary from a minimum of 8% up to 12% pending on if property is leased, up to date, what is expected and how it has been managed in the past. It can include such things as collecting and processing rent, communicating with tenants, conducting annual/monthly property inspections, coordinating repairs, and responding to emergency maintenance calls and more.

Payment Schedules will be created and CONC management will break down when all payments should be made to any workers or manager. CONC Management gets pricing from many contractors and understands the market in order to create checks and balances with the contractors so prices remain competitive, fair and reasonable.

Payments can be made through Zelle for an easy, safe and efficient process. Property management payments are always due on the first of every month. If you wish not not use Zelle, check payments may need to be issued out early to arrive on time.

At CONC Management, we keep everything on record with our contractor foreman system which tracks everything and holds all material and notes securely. The fact that we regularly monitor every element in the construction process ensures efficiency and transparency in the work.

Point of Contact

A Property manager acts as a point of contact between you the homeowner and in Construction it is between you and teams of contractors.

One-Stop Solution

Many homeowners dread the process of having to coordinate between different contractors and subcontractors in a renovation project.

Save Money

A fantastic perk that comes with hiring a Construction/Property manager is your ability to save plenty of money.